Threadworms, also known as pinworms, are tiny parasitic worms that infect the large intestine of humans. If you think you or your child may have threadworms, you can usually treat the infection yourself with medication available at pharmacies without a prescription. Threadworms lay their eggs around an infected person's anus bottom , usually at night. Along with the eggs, the worm also secretes a mucus that causes itching. If the eggs get stuck on the person's fingertips when they scratch, they can be transferred to their mouth or on to surfaces and clothes. ... Read More
Scottish Girl and Her Black Tights. I get that having experienced it firsthand. The only thing dumber than a Man Bun is some old fart like me with a pony tail. Girls and women in Scotland and Ireland wear black tights to keep their legs warm—often paired with short skirts and boots. Shortly after my wife and I got married in , at 20 and 19 respectively, I bought her a smoking hot outfit. ... Read More
The Twisted Potter is the perfect place to put your heart into your You will find a haven for those who love to roll up their sleeves and Paint your own pottery,canvas or build with clay in our studio located in the heart of Spencer center just 9 miles west of Worcester ma. We offer a wide selection of Bisque ready for you to personalize. Come join the fun! Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. ... Read More
In an ideal world, every time you had sex would go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, reality doesn't work that way. As any couple's therapist can tell you, a variety of problems can arise when you're getting down to business. Luckily, they know how to solve the following 12 issues so you can have the best sex possible. This is especially true for many moms, since the pressure of parenting can obstruct any sexy thoughts. ... Read More
Traditionally, a chastity piercing is any form of piercing that forces chastity. This means that the piercing is meant to prevent sex. In some cultures, the piercing is imposed onto others. In other cultures, some choose the piercing either for themselves or out of the appeal of the style. In women, a common chastity piercing is a ring used to hold the labia closed so that the penetration cannot occur. ... Read More
FerrariChat - The world's largest Ferrari community. Sep 8, I'll be in Paris next week, and I'd like to visit shops that offer Ferrari diecast models. I know about the Ferrari Store, but are there others? Also, does any place in Paris offer older Bburago Ferrari models, especially the ones with wood or leather bases? ... Read More
Celebrity friends of the infamous hotel heiress Paris Hilton were deluged with telephone calls after the contents of her mobile phone address book were posted on the internet. About phone numbers and e-mail addresses, including those of the singers Eminem and Christina Aguilera and the tennis player Anna Kournikova, were copied on to the site along with personal notes Miss Hilton kept on her phone. It is not known how the information was obtained, but the phone was reportedly one of several belonging to celebrities which have been hacked on the T-Mobile network. Last week Nicholas Jacobsen, a California-based hacker, admitted a charge of accessing a protected computer and causing reckless damage. He faces up to five years in prison. ... Read More